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1. Advertising & Campaigns

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook ads specifically reach the social media users, based on the campaign settings. The most important elements of Facebook ads are:

campaign objective
targeting (audience profile, location, interests, etc.)
ad placement
ad creative (copy & visuals)
budget & bidding
Aesthetic Coach helps all businesses run their Facebook ads campaigns to maximise their Return On Investment (ROI).


Google Ads appear via a focus around keywords.

Google AdWords specialists research keywords and key phrases to create content that targets their ideal demographic. They strategise efficient ways for businesses to bid on such keywords based on the media budget. This bid, combined with the Google algorithm (an ad score assigned by Google), determines where the ad will be indexed for SERP ranking.


LinkedIn offers an ad platform for companies to target other businesses.

Like Google or Facebook, LinkedIn ads setting work intuitively. Marketers can select their desired audiences by location, job title, industry, company name, degrees, professional interests, level of connection, and more.


TikTok proposes marketing options to reach the brand’s target demographics. They include:

in-feed videos
brand takeover
hashtag challenges
branded Augmented Reality (AR) content
custom influencer package.

TikTok remains a relatively new social media channel compared with other giants like Facebook or Instagram.

GROW your online presence

2. Websites & SEO

Website Redesigns & Edits

We design & code websites under the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our team work relentlessly to create websites that increase your revenue opportunities and leads.

Search Engine Optimisation

We conduct keyword research and on-site implementation, content marketing, reputation management, video & mobile SEO, e-commerce landing page optimisations, and website health check.

Landing Page Design

We can develop an effective landing page that highlights branded content to optimise engagement & conversions.

A business’s landing page design is made up of five primary elements:

a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
a hero image or background video
a headline that describes the product or service
a social proof
a Call-To-Action (CTA)

increase reach & followers

3. Social Media

Social Media Design

When it comes to Social Media, the visual effect and design across a business’s social media platforms capture the audience to invite the audience to engage with the business immediately. We offer skilled and professional Social Media Design strategists and graphic artists to create social media visual content you can implement yourself.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management services utilises our digital marketing specialists with professional and technical experience to best manage your business’s Social Media platforms. Social Media continues to evolve and seems endless – quite tedious to manage, time-consuming, and forever changing.

Strategies & Tactics

Aesthetic Coach publishes valuable organic content, posts, and visual creatives for your social media platforms

Hashtag Research & Competitor Reporting

Our Research & Audits are a thoroughly developed plan of valuable content scheduled for distribution as part of a business’s campaign to promote its brand to make a profit, while knowing which hashtags will give them the biggest reach, appeal to new clients and know what their competitors are doing.

Learn from us 

learn how to do social media that sells

1:1 Coaching

Social media content, optimised lead funnels and paid advertising. We take the stress out of digital marketing while keeping your content authentic and aesthetically attractive to your target audience.


Easy to follow, actionable short courses for the do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. Learn from Nicole on how to increase engagement, enhance your branding and build your personal or business reputation in the minds of your ideal customers.


A podcast dedicated to business and personal branding for the aesthetic industry.

Interviewing thought leaders and experts that have built successful personal brands. We share their stories, how they got to be where they are.

What others are saying about us

Dr nik davies

"Aesthetic Coach significantly increased our reach, engagement, and bookings. Ad campaign generates a consistant flow of new clients."

– Dr Nik

Venus Concept australia

"Partnering with Aesthetic Coach was the best thing we ever did. The quality of leads far exceeded our expectations"

– Venus Concept

Sydneywest aesthetics

"We have worked with Aesthetic Coach for over 3 years now. Maintaining our values and branding is our priority as opposed to going viral. Aesthetic coach have effortlessly grown our online presence. We have never been so busy and now love Facebook advertising"

- Lily Ho

Bella Complexion

"Learning from Nicole has enabled me to take my pages to the next level."

– Sue

Dr Anh & Associates

“I always have fun with Nicole, she is the ultimate boss babe. Nicole was
supportive of me and my business and always goes the extra mile. I am still waiting for her to move
to Perth."

- Dr Anh Plastic Surgeon

Aptos ANZ

“As a global brand it was important, we followed strict brand guidelines, Nicole has helped us grow our business B2B & B2C, partnering with Nicole was the best thing we ever did. We are so proud of our social media pages”

- Mara

Plastic Surgeon in Sydney

"We thought no one could fix our Facebook page, we
ranked so poorly and our reach was woeful. We had posted too many images with nipples and had one bad marketer after another. It was a miracle Nicole cleaned up our page, increased our engagement and reach exponentially. We learnt about Facebook optimisation and we became more actively involved in Facebook."

-  (anonymous)

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